Sunday, April 19, 2015

The weekend that was

Just a few random snappies from the weekend that 

Ten weeks

So I didn't mention this yesterday but I'm booked to have my boobs done in August. Implants. Even though I'm a curvy girl I do not have any boobs. At. All. Like I'm a b cup if that. I have wanted to do this since I was 18 and now since I have finished having bambinos, I'm ready! It's really $ and Thailand was not an option so I'm lucky I have such a supportive partner, emotionally and financially. Anyway I so want to be another ten to fifteen kilos lighter by then even though the surgeon said I can continue to lose weight afterwards, but I want to work my arse off and see what I can do by August. Hence I have decided to do a little diy ten wk challenge. I'm really concentrating on kilos lost but I know that as I do training and bootcamp my centremetres will change as well. Anyway, I will post a bit on here about the challenge to keep myself motivated. Wish me luck! I know I have this! Ten weeks and as close to ten kilos gone as I can get! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


I feel kinda silly and nervous. Hi. It's been a bloody long long time hey? I feel like I'm talking to a friend I have been meaning to catch up with for ages but umm, kept putting off lol. Not that anyone reads this so who gives a fuck hey??? 😃😃😃😃 
Well I'm going to give you a brief rundown on the past what, three years at least??!!!?? Ok, only viral info, I have a tendency to ramble;
I have remarried.
I have bought a house! With said husband.
I have three children now! Billy is almost five! Lenny is two and a half. Georgia is just shy of eight months. 
I put back on a lot of the weight I lost. So I had lapband surgery when georgia was six weeks old. I'm now down to the skinniest I've ever been with fifteen kilos to go to goal.
I still fucking love clothes. I'm just generally too frantic in the morning to throw together a good look lol. 

So basically I missed my blog and thought I might reinstate it and see how I go? I figured I'd post ootd again, talk shit, whinge about my kids and then in the next breath post totes Adorbs pics of them 😂😂 I figured I'd also post a bit about my weightloss and fitness journey because I'm quite proud of myself. Lapband or not I work my arse off! So anyway, let's see how we go!! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well.. hello!

Omg.. has been way way too long.
I debated a long time whether or not to restart up this blog; I have had a really full on year and a bit since I last posted and I actually saw some of my pics reused on meme's sites- no fat shaming though, haha, but still! How can people do this? I mean, I get the whole, what you put on the internet is there forever etc etc.. and not to put anythig up you wouldnt want reproduced but seriously.. who would do that? I think its disgusting.. but anyway, I am over it now and would really like to TRY and re start up my blog because I have some really awesome clothes at the moment, lol and I also am really happy with my hair and skin :-) So would like to share. I also am currently in the middle of losing weight/getting healthy again, so would like to blog about that.  Just depends on how busy I am as to how often I can post- since I am not not just a mother to one but to TWO beautiful boys! My partner and I welcolmed Lenny into our family last November, making him 7 months old, naww.

I have really NO full body shots done recent. I will TRY and remedy this ASAP but until then, here are a few recent candid snappy snaps.

My two little darlings, Billy is my three year old and Lenny is my 7 month old. This is the very very awesome baby jogger city select pram- can be used with one seat or two- very amazing! if you are pregnant, GET ONE!
 This is me! Hat- Cotton on, Knit- Harris Scarfe
 This is my amazing partner and myself. My jarmies are from kmart FYI :-)
 This is me :-) How amazing is my silver toned hair? I wish the toner would last forever like this but alas, it takes like 2 shampoos and its faded :( I am eternally on the silver hair quest lol. I am wearing a city chic dress here- it is A-MAZING and I will have to get a full shot of it.
This is my darling Lil Lenny and I. I am wearing a Lilly + Lou leopard oversize top/dress. He is wearing a bloody Richmond Tigers hoody and Bonds short/leggings. his adorable uggies are from Best and Less :-)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I very recently- as in today- was told that lately it seems I am unhappy with my life and that I have been a bit of a - get ready for it- bitch lately.

I was shocked. I mean, I am in a really happy place in my life. I have an adorable toddler. A partner I adore and who adores me and shows it to me daily. A beautiful house we own. A sexy car. Awesome clothes. I am a lot skinner that I used to be. A great family. But then I thought about it and yeah- I have been a tad cranky lately! And I am not 100% sure why (i have some inclings) so I need to stop it as this cranky behaviour is not me! And it is not expressing who I am and what I am feeling inside. Don't get me wrong- the fact that someone called me the B word did wake me up to it, but I do not condone calling a woman that simply because her life is busy, things get on top of her and she simply stops to BREATH for a moment; we are ALL human and allowed to feel cranky and put out bitchy hat on every now and then but the more I think about it.. I feel like I have worn this hat more than any other item of clothes lately :(

So how I am going to fix it? What makes me feel better? what about my life is not working? How can I fix it? I mean, last year, my marriage failed. And admittedly, I hung around for longer than I should have because I didnt stop to think of how to fix my issues. Once I did a door opened and I found my life changed completely.. for the better.

Why am I cranky? Because I am a working full time mother. And I am busy and have LOTS to do! How am I going to fix this? By ADMITING that I am human! By accepting help from others. By having better TIME MANAGEMENT- such as simple quick meals during the week. Cooking on the weekends and freezing. By getting my friggin license so I dont have to get up at bloody 3:30am to get dropped off at mums so I can get to work!

Why am I cranky? because I haven't been eating the best food- sugar makes me cranky!!! How am I going to fix this? By eating better again (admittedly, I have already put this into place)

Why am I cranky? because I feel insecure and doubt myself. How am I going to fix this? By accepting that I am human and letting myself feel insecure but understanding that no one can MAKE ME feel insecure/inferior without MY consent. And I do NOT consent :-)

Why am I cranky? because I feed off other people and let them make me cranky! How am I going to fix this? By ignoring fuckwits and their fuckwittage. By NOT wasting time reading about their petty bullshit on social media!

What makes me feel better? Spending time with my awesome family- my son, my step son and my partner. My friends.. making more friends. Reading inspirational blogs. Taking time out for reading and writing. Eating healthy tasty food. Downtime shopping. Spontaneous fun times. Movies! Bowling etc.

And now the million dollar question- HOW IS MY LIFE NOT WORKING?

Well.. I hate my job. Here is how I am going to amend that;

1- get my license

2- do a bookkeeping course so I can do my partners BAS etc

3- do my Real Estate course

4- Apply for a real estate job in Pakenham. See if I like it :) If not, look for something HR-ish.. that is what else I am interested in.

I want to be skinnier. I know how to fix this LOL. I am all for HEALTHY AT ANY SIZE but for me its a personal preference and I would love to ideally be a comfortable size 12-14.

I need my license AHHHHHGGHHHHH~~!!@@((#&*#&^$&$^&* LOL

I am going again in 2.5 weeks. If I DON'T get it, I WILL be booking in again- THAT DAY!

So- in short.. my short term one month goals

1- license!

2- lose 2-3 kilos- to fit COMFORTABLY into my jay jays/just jeans jeans.- by eating right and working out more- i miss my working out!

3- time management!

4- make time! for my family friends AND ME!!!

5- continue to grow out my silly hair LOL

Ahhhh ok! Well I feel better now getting all that out! Watch this space for a better, happier, more organised DANIELLE :-) i am going to be posting heaps more because umm.. writing makes me happy LOL and I will be touching on all this again in 4 weeks! Can't wait to see how things have changed!

Happy Shnappies

Hi All

Well life has been full on as usual lately but I am loving it.
Life threw me a little curveball a few weeks ago but I am copeing quite well :) And why shouldn't I with the wonderful life I am living at the moment?

This is our bedroom- our tv on the wall with build in dvd player perfect for cold night snuggling in bed. Our new white chest of drawers with my array of crap- basket of nailpolishes, stuffed elephant, stuffed tiger my partner bought me, my wooden elephant, a polaroid pic of my mum and my auntie looking super fly back in the 7o's

This is our super sexy bed. I adore it. The bedside tables match the chest of drawers. The lamps are really shit quality (kmart) so I am thinking of replacing soon. I love the theme of black and white and red on the bed.
Me, rocking the last of my summer tan and regrowth that you can't see- I am currently in process of growing out my bleach/giving my hair a rest. I like this pic but it motivates me to not eat LOL- I have not been great with food since christmas and I have been not admitting it but I am back on the healthy eating/dieting wagon. I have lost so much it would be CRAZY to put it all back on/or not lose a little bit more! I am a size 14-16 now.. although my 14 target jeans are a touch too small/tight at the moment as are my 16 jay jays ones so my first aim is to lose 2-3 kilos and be back in them :)

I am going again for my license in 2-3 weeks. GOSH I hope I get it. I feel more confident that ever on the road but jeez.. its becoming a bit of a joke, Danielle's journey to getting a bloody drivers license lol. Anyway, this is our Calais that we bought before christmas. This is the car that my partner currently drives but once his 4wd is back from the mechanic he will drive that again and I will drive this car once I have my license.. soo my partner bought these number plates for me! <3 he has his sons name on his truck's plates that he drives for work so now both our boys have their own plates when they are over 18. Such a beautiful spunky man I have

My spunky grown up toddler. Sitting at our outside table eating pavlova LOL

My parner and I

my three boys. At the table at the alfresco area of our home.